AIUKW Meeting Actions

Meeting: Wednesday, 19th June 2019 – QMH


Letter to Iranian Head of Judiciary – Daniel Zeinolabedini (UA 83/19)
Discuss AI Singapore Anti Death Penalty campaign cards (see photo below)
Roma Campaign – no updates, will communicate with AI Campaigns
Plan “These Walls Must Fall” for next Wakefield ArtWalk, end of July; next meeting take pix etc
Coffee Morning 4th July – Home Bake products needed! Please let Linda know what you are making.
The Treasurer reassured us that we had funds – hurrah!
Next meeting: 17th July, live campaigning and social media etc AND photos for exhibition



Letter to be written! Raif Badawi and others in Real Lives (Summer 2019)
Coffee Morning is a good opportunity for written activities.
NOTE: 10th October is World Day Against the Death Penalty

Book recommendation by member:
Akala, (2018) Natives, Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire, Two Roads



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