Write 4 Rights Event

Your local Amnesty International group is active today with the Write for Rights campaign. Writing cards and letters for people that Amnesty identify as being at risk, from all over the world. 


  • Burkina Faso – young girls forced into marriage
  • Iran – teenage boy tortured into confession then sentenced to death
  • Malaysia – jail sentence for tweeting cartoons
  • Mexico – confession to murder after 15 hours of torture
  • Saudi Arabia – jailed for ‘insulting the judiciary’
  • Syria – mother and children abducted by state
  • Greece – living in constant fear of homophobic attach with no support from state
  • Egypt – disabled studebt (shot in the back) deteriorating in prison without treatment
  • El Salvador – 30 year sentence for suffering a still-birth
  • DR Congo – prison for promoting democracy 
  • Burma – long prison sentence for protesting students 
  • USA – and Albert Woodfox STILL in solitary confinement even after having conviction overturned 3 times! Albert has been in solitary since 1972

Yes, I know – it seems like utter madness. 

You can help. Governments under global pressure will listen. In most cases messages of solidarity will bring a moment of lightness to otherwise unbearable situations.

If you can’t join in today, perhaps you could visit Amnesty W4R

Thank you.

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