Write for Rights Campaign 2016

Greeting Card and Letter Writing Campaign 2016

If you could spare a brief moment in your busy day to join in this campaign and write a brief letter or card of support for a prisoner of conscience, it would be greatly appreciated.

“These people are just like you. With mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, and friends who miss them. Send them a message and let them know they haven’t been forgotten.”

Every letter and card shows that people in this country care about what is happening to people in other countries, and highlights the call for the international recognition of human rights. Each message delivered makes it harder for those in authority to ignore the call for freedom and change from the outside world.

All welcome. Volunteers will be on hand to assist with your cards and letters. You may wish to contribute to the cost of international postage.

Amnesty International runs this campaign every year because they know it works!

Ridings Shopping Centre – Wakefield

(adjacent to Esquires Coffee Shop)

Saturday 10th December between 9:00AM and 5:00PM

Picture credits: Ai Weiwei


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